What are tiered reward programs?

Posted on Friday, November 2, 2018 - 16:11

Reward program card holders know that there are levels to Frequent flyer programs, which are also known as Status Tiers, that come with different benefits to sweeten the deal. Being able to unlock next level benefits may seem like forever if you don’t know how to navigate the program. This guide gives insight on how the Qantas status tier program works.

Know your Qantas tiers

Qantas has a four membership tiers above their entry level Bronze such as the Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum One. Each tier allows you to unlock benefits that you can receive such as priority check, lounge access, complimentary seating, international upgrades and much more. However, you need to earn a certain amount of points to progress to the next tier. The perks of reward programs such as Qantas and Velocity is that you will be able to use these benefits beyond their networks to use with partnered stores and accommodation.

Some of the main benefits that come with the cards

It is true that each tier differs in terms of the requirements to start earning benefits belonging to each card. However, there are four common features that each offer such as travel benefits such as earning 25% to 50% more on points when you book eligible flights, benefits that can be used at the airport, and lounge access. You will be able to access additional benefits depending on the type of card such as:

  • Priority phone service that lets you skip the queue when you call Qantas
  • Preferred seating which allows you to choose your seat on Qantas operated international and domestic flights. This excludes flights with QantasLink.
  • A complimentary international upgrade which can be used to request a Qantas classic Upgrade Reward when you have booked for an eligible class.
  • A complimentary Qantas wine membership for Platinum One card holders and more.

Reading the fine print of your card

Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade from your current tier to another or looking to maximise your current card, it pays to read the fine print of your card. Most reward cards come with a requirement that rules outs what makes an eligible purchase and what doesn’t when it comes to gaining points.

You will also need to reach a certain spending amount or earn a certain income for some. To avoid spending your money in a way that will cause you to underutilize your card you will need to read the reward programs terms and conditions.

It also helps to assess if the card comes with benefits that will beneficial to your personal situation. Always keep in mind to compare your options when it comes to reward programs and the cards that they have on offer.

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