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Ways to Save Fuel

If you're feeling purse or wallet pain at the petrol pump, you're not alone. According to, research by Canstar Blue shows one in three Australians admit to not being able to afford petrol most days. The Federal Government plans to raise the excise on fuel, and there's much uncertainty in the oil-producing Middle East, so petrol prices aren't going to ease any time soon.

Google's Self Driving Car

We've all heard of Google, the trailblazing web search company. It's grown since its 1998 beginnings into a global and multimedia and tech empire. Google never shies away from innovation. What they hope will be their next "game-changer" is their proposed line of driverless, or autonomous, cars.

Top 5 cars for mum

Mothers Day is soon approaching and one of the ultimate gifts for your mum is a brand new set of wheels. We've looked at some of the most practical family cars that'll put a big smile on her face. What better gift is there?

Top 5 Driving Routes Australia

You can see a lot of Australia, because there's a lot of Australia to see. It might not seem obvious when we drive mostly to work, drop kids off or to see friends. You might not know this, but there's over 800,000km of road in Australia. You can road trip for hours and hours and see some of the great wonders of Australia. In many cases, the roads themselves are pleasant to drive on. Here's of what we think are the top 5 driving routes in our Great Southern Land.

Biggest car buyer regrets

We’ve all been there. We have all bought something and regret it afterwards. Me? I have a popcorn maker that’s gathering dust in a kitchen cupboard. For some, it’s much more painful than that. They regret the car they’ve just bought: one of life’s major purchases. It’s tough driving around a car that’s either cost you a ton of money, doesn’t work as it should or is just plain unpleasant to drive. Here are some of the biggest regrets car buyers have.


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