Save more by buying through our Savvy car broker service

Gain access to special fleet discounts and save thousands on buying your next car through our car broking service.

Fleet discounts for private buyers

Did you know you can get a great discount on a car by buying through Savvy’s car broker service? Savvy can drive down prices on new cars thanks to our fleet purchasing power. Fleet buying is how big companies save thousands on buying cars by buying in bulk. Savvy has arrangements with dealerships across the country so you can buy your next car with confidence. Best of all, we can help you with getting a competitive rate on finance – we make the entire process easy.

Easier, quicker, and cheaper

Buying a car can be stressful. Looking through endless advertisements, ticking off dealerships to visit, test driving, negotiating, and then arranging finance on top can add to your stress. Savvy makes the entire process easy and quick by offering a selection of cars that we negotiate and pay for on your behalf. We look for competitive finance packages, looking for loans from 25 of Australia’s top banks and lenders. We reduce the time you spend – as well as saving you money. Fleet buying has never been easier.

The five-step car buying process

There’s only a few easy steps between you and your next set of wheels.

Fill out a vehicle order form

The first step is to fill out your vehicle order form, detailing your preferences and requirements. There’s no restrictions and we can easily find your dream car, 4X4, SUV, or light commercial vehicle. Just curious? Click below for a free, no obligation quote.

We tender out your order

We send your order out to our nationwide network of trusted dealer partners that are eager to offer fleet discounts on their vehicles. We tender out your request to some of Australia and the world’s most popular manufacturers such as Holden, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and Jeep, plus luxury marques from Europe and Japan.

Dealers fight for your business

Each dealer puts in their bid to win your business. They all know the bigger discount they can offer, the more business they can win. That all means bigger savings for you.

The cheapest quote wins

In a matter of days, we present the cheapest quote that matches your criteria. You select the one that’s right for you.

We arrange delivery or pickup

Once you’ve signed the paperwork and arranged finance, we arrange delivery of the car to your door or you can pick up the car direct from the dealer.