Car lease

A car lease from Savvy will bring together a comparison from all major commercial lenders in the country, providing you the most tax effective competitive facility.

What is a Car Lease?

A car lease is a commercial finance product that allows businesses and individuals to use a car without owning it straight off – or paying for it up-front. If you like to drive the latest vehicle models, get the best features, and keep up with ever-changing in-car tech, a car lease might be a great option for you.

Getting access to brand-new, reliable vehicles doesn't have to cost big. That's because leasing allows you to upgrade your vehicle as often as every couple of years. With a car lease, you pay a fixed monthly cost and at the end of the term, get the option to buy. The lease provider is essentially purchasing the vehicle on your behalf. With a non-maintained lease, you pay for maintenance, insurance, and registration yourself. At the end of your car lease agreement, you can choose to buy the vehicle by paying off the residual amount. When you opt not to do that, you can refinance that amount instead and continue to lease the same car.

Choose a fully-maintained lease if you want total freedom from the administration and hassle associated with servicing, insuring, and registering your work vehicle – then simply hand back your car and walk away.

How can Savvy help?

We partner with more of Australia's top commercial lenders than anyone else. That means Savvy can help both new and established, small and larger organisations, as well as individuals, access specialist car finance products and providers. We work with people who need a presentable, functional vehicle for work and want to get maximum tax benefits too. We also help customers who are short on paperwork to access affordable finance products for many different purposes.

If you have less than ideal business or credit history – no problem, Savvy can connect you with low doc car lease providers too. We’ll make navigating your way through car finance options easy. Whether you decide on a car loan or car lease, our expert brokers can help you find your way to the best deals out there. Savvy knows how lenders work, and we can help you get through the application process quickly – so that you can get on the road without delays.

You can call one of our expert commercial finance consultants for help, or use our car finance calculators and tools to figure out your monthly repayments. Compare finance products, select car lease features and save – because we put everything in one place.

Why choose Savvy for your car lease?

Our commercial brokers know the products, talk to the best providers, and go the extra mile to help you save.

Fixed Monthly Repyments
Under a Car Lease agreement, you can select to have a fixed loan term in between 1-5 years.
Simplified arrangements
We make the entire process easy by making everything simple. Sit back and save with Savvy.
Fully maintained leases
All you have to do is drive. The costs are taken care of by your employer, including FBT and on-road costs.
Tax Effective
Repayments are based on a GST exclusive amount, reducing your monthly rental substantially.
No Deposit
No deposit required under a Car Lease agreement. 100% finance available for approved applicants.
Personal consultant
Our personal consultant will guide you through the process, answering all your questions along the way.

How to get a car lease with Savvy?

Getting a car lease in Australia is straightforward with Savvy. It's simple to apply, so get ready to hit the road.

Figure out your requirements

Whether you need a car for running around the city and getting to work, or you need a ute for your business – working out what you expect from a vehicle before you buy will save you time and money down the line.

  • How many kilometres a month will you drive?
  • Do you prefer to have maintenance included?
  • How big does the vehicle need to be?
  • How many seats does it need to have?

Be on top of your budget

Getting a vehicle lease is like applying for any form of car finance. It's essential to borrow only what you can afford – and what you need to spend. Budgeting is crucial, but so is shopping around.

  • What are your monthly outgoings and income?
  • Can you commit to a car lease long-term?
  • If your employment or business circumstances change, you'll be tied into the agreement
  • Use a calculator to figure out the monthly costs of a car lease or loan
  • Know your finances, and your lease provider will offer you a better deal

Compare the best deals

It's easy to compare car finance deals online with Savvy. We let you see all the best lenders, all in the same spot – so, you don't need to trawl the internet for hours to find a great deal.

Be document prepared

Car lease providers base the cost of your finance on the risk you pose. When you're ready to apply, be prepared. The more information you can supply, the better the deal you'll get.

  • You'll need some ID, such as a driving licence or passport
  • Your lender will want to see some proof of address or business details
  • If you're employed, have a few month's worth of payslips ready
  • If you're in business, have a couple of year's worth of accounts to hand or your two most recent tax returns
  • Don’t worry if you’re a newer enterprise, or even if you just have less paperwork available – Savvy can connect you with a low-doc lender to meet your needs
  • Not sure you have the right documentation, just talk to a Savvy consultant.

If in doubt, get advice

If you're torn on what's the best option for you or your business, don't hesitate to get some help. Here at Savvy, our car finance experts know the ins and outs of both the lenders and products.

  • We can advise you what to expect when you apply, so you're ready to succeed
  • Savvy consultants can speed up the process of getting behind the wheel
  • We'll do the shopping around for you if you get pushed for time
  • We partner with the best lenders, so we know exactly where to look for the most cost-effective deals.