Forklift finance options

Get flexible finance options that are suitable for major forklift equipment investments with low rates

Improve the efficiency of your business

Investing in a forklift that will lift the efficiency of your business is important. Therefore, you need the experts who provide industry specific solutions that are tailor made to blend well with your business. That is what we do at Savvy. Whether you are looking to finance a combustion forklift, electric forklift, and more, we have the right fit. Our experience in financing forklifts means that we will provide flexible finance options that mould to the needs of your business with minimum hassle.

Competitive forklift finance

We put in the work to helping you find low rates from Australia’s leading lenders and bankers so that you don’t have to. Forklifts are a logistic investment for business. Therefore, getting the right finance that comes with competitive rates will determine which direction your business grows in. Our wide range of financing options will ensure that you maximise your cash flow with minimum hassle. You can compare our low rates to help reduce the monthly financing costs.

See how Savvy can help you with your forklift finance

Lift your business to the next level with tailor-made forklift finance

New & used
We cater both new and used forklifts that are purchased from dealers and private sales.
Fixed monthly payments
We offer fixed repayment options that you will be able to factor into your budget.
Enhance profitability
At Savvy we offer financial products that come with 100% financing, so you can maximise on your cash flow.
Lowest rates
We source loans from over 25 lenders to ensure that you get the lowest rates on the market.
Less waiting
We use the best in technology to turn around your application fast so you get what you need sooner.
Tax effective
We offer financial solutions to not only purchase a forklift, but also is tax effective towards our business.