Personalised cosmetic surgery loans

Get a personalised interest rate with flexible payment plans to fund your elective & reconstruction surgery

Get your confidence back with the right funding

Your image has an influence on boosting your confidence and emotional wellness which can affect your life. This is why cosmetic surgery loans are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to funding procedures. Finding funding that understands your need to undergo elective surgery at an affordable rate is vital, and that is what we do at Savvy. We offer personalised solutions to help you pay for surgery that takes care of birth defects, scars, burns, liposuction and other cosmetic expenses.

Cover all surgeries at a low rate

Surgery is not cheap and can easily run into thousands of dollars. We have designed our loans to come with a personal touch to ensure that you are able to get funding for any type of cosmetic surgery at a competitive rate. We compare our loans from 25 of Australia’s leading lenders to give you low rates that come with flexible repayment plans to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic loan to better your health or keep your head held high we have the finance option for you.

See how we can help you with your cosmetic surgery loan

We have been financing cosmetic surgery loans for years to give you financing that is designed to meet your needs

Personalised interest rate
We don’t use cookie-cut solutions when it comes to finding an interest rate that is affordable for you.
Flexible repayments
Manage your repayments effectively with our repayment plans that can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Dedicated consultants
Our team of consultants can assist you from start to finish to find a loan tailored for you.
Fast approvals
We have the technology to process your application within 24 hours to help you access finance with ease.
Whether you are looking to finance a minor or big procedure we have the finance option to cover it!
Access to multiple lenders
We have a range of lenders to select from to help you get the loan that is the right fit for you.