2016 Jaguar XE S review

Posted on Jun 07, 2016

The Jaguar XE S is a sports sedan with a traditional British interior and excellent styling. It stays true to the Jaguar feel and features chassis dynamics. A great car that drives well and with a high-power engine that responds immediately. With very little to complain about in terms of comfort, the Jaguar XE S can be a superb car for the Australian buyer. 

What We Liked
great style, sporty drive
What We Didn't
impaired vision because of the front pillars, too little headroom

What it's Got:

This new Jaguar is certainly elegant, with a long bonnet, beautiful headlights, and a big grille. As for the interiors, they are luxurious, as always, with a multimedia screen and a binnacle, as well as ventilation outlets. The home screen is customisable, and you have an option between the InControl Touch Pro system and the InControl Touch system. The former is a newer version with a quad-core processor, a 10.2-inch touchscreen, and a 60 GB drive while the latter has an 8.0-inch touchscreen.

InControl Touch Pro has a couple of very interesting features, such as its dead-reckoning function, as well as the ability to opt for one of two digital systems: a 825-Watt, 17 speaker surround system and a 380-Watt, 11 speaker system. In addition, you benefit from Music Queue and “Play more like this”, both of which you can use to add artists, albums or songs, or search for them while your music is playing.

Most of the body is made out of aluminium, with steel doors. It’s a very rigid body, in order to stabilise suspension and provide comfort, which is great, especially for a sports sedan. The main drawback is that the windscreen has thick pillars that can impair vision and make it difficult to drive without constantly moving your head in order to see properly.

Description for Holding Page:

The Jaguar XE S available in Australia features a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo petrol unit with either 147kW/280Nm or 170kW/340Nm. The car reaches 100km/h in an impressive 5.1 seconds, thanks to its V6 engine. As for the model Australian customers will have access to, it will be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission is available in some parts, but it will not reach the Australian market.

The driver’s seat is comfortable, but there is not a lot of headroom, especially for someone on the tall side. Legroom is not generous, either, particularly for someone sitting behind a driver who has a seat reclined or set back. But for what it lacks in terms of overhead and legroom, it compensates through the experience of driving a V6 that responds immediately.

It’s important to note that the Jaguar XE S is extremely safe, with a five-star rating in the safety tests conducted in 2015 by Euro NCAP. That is the maximum. The vehicle also features safety systems, such as reverse traffic detection, traction control, closing vehicle sensing, autonomous emergency breaks, blind spot monitoring, dynamic stability control, and lane departure warning.

Engine: 3.0-litre V6
Torque: 450Nm
Transmission: 8-spd automatic, RWD
Fuel: 34.9mpg
Price: From $105,350
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