Ford Everest Titanium 2016 Review

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

Ford Everest Titanium has definitely moved up the popularity scale, setting up a new benchmark for SUVs aimed at adventurous families. Most people before may have chosen the Mitsubishi Challenger or the Land Cruiser from Toyota, but Ford pensioned off all its previous ancestors with the Everest Titanium. Passing various ‘torture’ tests on the road, Ford Everest outshined every other car that tried to compete with it.

What We Liked
The car has a very clever cabin layout and some composed road manners, which also include a very gutsy engine.
What We Didn't
At this price, there is no standard towbar, and you’ll have to pay for the prestige paint despite it already having a big asking price.

What it's Got:

Having a rather dashing appearance, The Ford Everest Titanium sports some really unique trims, a stitched-looking dash-top and high-technology instruments that allow you to dial any kind of information right away. You will be impressed with the fake leather finishes and the ambient lights of a soft blue that will fill the cabinet during the night. While the instruments on the panel are extremely high–tech, they are also really easy to navigate.

The car is rather spacious, having a lot of legroom even in the third row, which can fold into a flat floor automatically. You can even fit an adult or a taller teen in the third row for a short ride, but the headroom might feel rather tight.

You can also enjoy the laptop and iPhone generator which is catered to four 12-volt outlets, a household power point, and two USB ports. The car starts with a key rather than a button, which is a rare situation for a car at this price.

Description for Holding Page:

While this car can cost more than a Colorado 7 ($47,990) or the cheapest Prado ($52,990), you will definitely get your money’s worth back from quality and performance. At that price, it will definitely not fall short of quality and road experience. Starting at a $76,990 price, the Titanium has a lot of gadgets that will definitely make you take it on a driving test and then right home.

As for safety, the car has installed a reversing camera, along with curtain airbags that go around all three seat rows. Not to mention that it also offers emergency assistance by using your cell phone to dial 000 if the fuel pump is shut off or if the airbags went off. With this car, safety and fast assistance come first.

Everest Titanium offers quality, and it’s a great competitor for the Toyota Prado, which has been on top of the market for quite some time now. You get an impressive towing capacity, high-tech gears and off-road smarts that will definitely impress any competition. While the price can be rather high, Everest Titanium makes for one of the best family-friendly vehicles, and you will definitely not regret taking it on the road.

Engine: 3.2-litre Five-Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Torque: 470Nm at 1750-2500rpm
Transmission: Automatic 6-speed, 4-wheel drive
Fuel: 8.5 L per 100km
Price: Going from $76,990 (plus on-road costs)
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