Jeep grand cherokee overland review

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

The popularity of Grand Cherokee made Jeep offer an updated version of this model later this year. Until then, Australians can enjoy the comfort of an out-all version of this car, known as Overland, which is already on sale now. The outstanding SUV has a 3.0-litre diesel V6 engine and promises to offer any driver great experiences when it comes to performance, but also the desired cosiness.

What We Liked
Features designed for all levels of off-roading
What We Didn't
Five-seat only capacity

What it's Got:

This car can generally be described by two words: spacious and comfortable. The size of the cabin is big as well, with a 782-litre boot. The ventilated, and heated seats are features that you should opt for, next to the steering wheel warmer, even though it may cost you some hundreds or even thousands of dollars more compared to the European equivalent. Also, the split-folding seats stow flat to the floor, so you can practically sleep in your Grand Cherokee, and do this in a comfortable way. Not to mention that the cosiness is improved by the well-padded chairs; this can make any long journey more enjoyable.

To make your trip even more pleasant, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland is equipped with an 8.4-inch centre touch screen. This allows you to check and control nav and car functions and infotainment. A digital driver instrument cluster is meant to project everything you may be interested in, from tyres pressure to off-road modes.

Another significant aspect regarding this car is the broad range of underbody features, specially designed for a convenient and enjoyable off-road. Dedicated terrain functions – auto, rock, mud, sand, and snow, next to the high-range and low-range four-wheel drive, and air suspension, make the Cherokee perfect for all off-roading lovers, no matter the level.

Description for Holding Page:

When driving the Grand Cherokee, you can expect performance and safety, but you should not omit that you handle a 2300 kg machine. Dynamically, the car is clearly influenced by its weight, but the steering is excellent and very accurate. The dedicated terrain functions allow you to be in full control of the Jeep, which is great news for those who are in love with off-roading. Moreover, you will benefit from accurate stability on the road.

Long journeys are definitely much more enjoyable with the Grand Cherokee Overland, and you can simply immerse in the comfort provided by this car when travelling for hours or even days. You can use the cosy chairs as a bed, and spend the nights in your Jeep. On the road, this vehicle is smooth and refined, allowing you to take pleasure in the experience of driving. The fuel efficiency is a decent one, 8.5L/100 km so that you can afford travelling on long distance.

In a nutshell, the Grand Cherokee Overland is an SUV equipped with a multitude of features in order to make your trip more pleasant, no matter if you like to drive on the road or rather prefer off-roading.

Engine: 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel
Torque: 570Nm at 2000rpm
Transmission: 8-speed auto, 4WD
Fuel: 7.5L per 100km
Price: $79,000 (without on-road costs)
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